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Credit code: 34049584
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Corporate advantage

 Division dominance

        Management advantages:

Technology-based management:Through advanced scientific and technological means, the use of professional technology to manage and maintain property facilities and equipment, so that the maintenance of facilities and equipment is more economical, longer life, and lower energy consumption。

Standardized management: The management strictly implements the IS09001, IS04001, OHSAS8001 international management system, and implements standardized, institutionalized and professional management to ensure service consistency。

Information management: Independent development and construction of the application of information integrated service platform, accurate and timely reflection of data, scientific decision-making, intelligent services。

        Service advantages:

Adhering to the spirit of "contract", "craftsman" and "altruism", we create a "three products" service system, namely: taste, quality and character。Through the analysis of the customer's vision, hearing, smell and psychological feelings, the establishment of a "360" comprehensive service system, so that customers feel the ultimate experience of "satisfaction + surprise + moved"。

        Talent advantage:

Team is the core of enterprise development, talent is the foundation of enterprise development。The company has cultivated an "honest, pragmatic and efficient" management team, with nearly 100 managers with early, middle and senior professional and technical titles, of which more than 60 management cadres have property management manager qualification certificate。

        Technical advantages:

The company has a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries, including security training company, elevator engineering company, cleaning service company, health service company, etc., to provide professional and high-level property service escort。

        Innovation advantage:

In terms of smart property management, the company has vigorously developed and maintained the industry-leading level。It has won many industry awards such as China's energy saving and environmental protection products, China's excellent green environmental protection and energy saving products, science and technology management, asset management, and Internet smart platform。