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| The Barrier-Free Environment Construction Law went into effect on September 1;"Property Management Industry Employment Statistics (Second quarter of 2023)" opened, etc

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Industry news

Li Qiang chaired the executive meeting of The State Council to hear the report on further strengthening the investigation and rectification of major production safety risks and hidden dangers of accidents

Premier Li Qiang presided over an executive meeting of The State Council on June 29 to hear reports on further strengthening the investigation and rectification of major production safety risks and potential accidents。会议强调要深入贯彻落实习近平总书记关于安全生产的重要指示批示精神,We will further strengthen the investigation and rectification of major workplace safety risks and potential accidents,With the sense of responsibility of "always at ease",Solid and detailed work implementation,We will effectively prevent major production safety accidents,We will ensure the safety of people's lives and property。We must grasp the main contradictions, check the "hard damage" of the facilities and equipment environment, and make up the "soft weaknesses" of the human factors, and vigorously promote the public's safety awareness and the safety responsibility of employees and the improvement of safety skills。It is necessary to clarify, decompose and implement the relevant responsibilities of safety production around the whole chain of "one thing",All relevant departments in all regions should take strict, concrete and detailed measures,Strict supervision, no formality,Put an end to lax law enforcement,Effectively transfer the responsibility and pressure to the grass-roots end,Ensure that the investigation and rectification can find problems, solve problems, and see effectiveness。

Study Times publishes a signed article by Minister Ni Hong entitled "Writing a New Chapter in the High-quality Development of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction"

On June 28, Study Times published a signed article by Ni Hong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, titled "Writing a New Chapter in the High-quality Development of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction".。Minister Ni Hong pointed out in the article that entering the new era, with the change of the main contradictions in our society, the situation of housing urban-rural construction and development has undergone profound changes。Housing development has changed from a total shortage to a structural supply shortage, and has entered a development period of structural optimization and quality improvement.Urban development has shifted from large-scale incremental construction to both inventory improvement and incremental structural adjustment, and has entered an important period of urban renewal。He stressed that it is necessary to improve housing construction standards, improve the level of property service, build a "good house" model, study and establish three systems of housing physical examination, pension and insurance, provide security for the whole life cycle of houses, and make people's living life more comfortable and beautiful。(点击“详情”查看)

Minister Ni Hong: Exploring the establishment of a housing pension system

Recently, Ni Hong, secretary of the Party Group and Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, pointed out when meeting with Ge Hajiao, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Bank of China, that it is necessary to encourage and guide financial institutions to participate in urban construction and renewal, and promote the construction of livable, smart and resilient cities。It is necessary to build good houses for the people, improve the quality of housing, explore the establishment of a housing pension system, and provide full life cycle security for housing。We should seize the opportunities of digital transformation, accelerate the construction of new urban infrastructure, and make cities smarter and smarter。It is necessary to deepen international exchanges and cooperation, help construction enterprises "go global", and build an upgraded version of China's construction。

The Law on Building a barrier-free environment took effect on September 1

The Law of the People's Republic of China on Building a Barrier-free Environment was adopted at the Third meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress on June 28, 2023, and will come into force on September 1, 2023。It is proposed that new, rebuilt, expanded residential buildings, residential areas, public buildings, public places, transportation facilities, urban and rural roads, etc., should meet the construction standards for barrier-free facilities。The state supports the installation of elevators or other barrier-free facilities in existing multi-story residential buildings in old urban communities to provide convenience for the disabled and the elderly。Project construction and supervision units shall carry out construction and supervision of barrier-free facilities in accordance with construction drawing design documents and relevant standards。Where the competent departments of housing and urban and rural construction fail to carry out the acceptance check of barrier-free facilities in accordance with laws, regulations and the construction standards of barrier-free facilities, or fail to pass the acceptance check, they shall not go through the formalities for the record of completion acceptance check。(点击“详情”查看)

"Property Management Employment Statistics (Second Quarter 2023)" closes on July 10

"Property Management Industry Employment Statistics (Second Quarter 2023)" will be conducted from July 1 to July 10, please visit the association's official website (, in the "My Home" - "Enterprise employees" section, fill in the "second quarter of 2023 property personnel Information Form"。(点击“详情”查看)

2023 China International Property Management Industry Expo will be held in October

As reported by the Ministry of Commerce, under the guidance of the Real Estate market Supervision Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau, the China Property Management Association is scheduled to hold the 2023 China International Property Management Industry Expo in Shenzhen from October 12 to 14。The exhibition area of this Expo is 2.250,000 square meters,We intend to invite more than 200 domestic and international brand enterprises to participate in the exhibition,Showcases the most applicable, most popular and most representative new technologies, new products, new equipment and new services in the property service industry chain,And will support the organization of negotiations, conferences, signing ceremonies, media meetings and other one-stop series of exhibition and sales activities,Promote property management information exchange and business cooperation,Promote the improvement of property service quality,To make people's lives more convenient and comfortable。(点击“详情”查看)

China Property Management Association collects "micro-innovation" cases of property management in 2023

Recently, the China Property Management Association issued the Notice on the Collection of "Micro-Innovation" cases of Property Management in 2023.。"Notice" pointed out,The types of "micro-innovation" cases collected are mainly divided into: technology micro-innovation, service micro-innovation, and mode micro-innovation,Specifically, it includes property environmental management, public order maintenance, customer service, project management, safety management, energy conservation and environmental protection, talent construction, community service and so on,Effectively solve the small pain points, small difficulties and other specific problems in the actual management and service process of enterprises,And achieved obvious role and effect of experience and measures。(点击“详情"See specific requirements and ways to participate)

Chengdu to promote the problem of property community "code"

Recently, the Chengdu Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued the "Notice on the implementation of the problem of property community", pointing out that the Chengdu smart property system added a "code" function module, and the existing Tianfu citizen cloud APP platform jointly set up a property service complaint channel。The "Notice" requires that the person in charge of the property project in accordance with the requirements will be responsible for the property project "code on the office" two-dimensional code actively posted or put in the property project main entrance, customer service center, unit building location and property community wechat group, QQ group, etc., to facilitate the masses to view。The property service enterprises and project leaders should arrange special personnel to solve the property service problems in the community immediately, respond in accordance with the requirements of the notice in the first time, and in principle, the working time should not exceed 4 hours and the non-working time should not exceed 8 hours。

Member dynamics

Jinyu Property released residential service system

On June 27, Beijing Jinyu Property Management Co., Ltd. successfully held a residential service system conference in Beijing Jinyu Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop and Technology Show。With the theme of "Service lights up a better life and a new life", the conference officially released the AiBU residential service system and the IP image of BBMG Property。AiBU residential service system adheres to "starting from home.,Open the beautiful "design concept,Actively exert the value of the role of enterprise "linker",Focus on 1+N Pepsi Baiying AiBU Butler, 14 heavy service guarantee in 4 major service sectors, and 6 heavy rights and interests in 3 major living circles to expand the service structure,Explore the diverse possibilities of residential services,Help owners to broaden the beautiful possibilities of life。(点击“详情”查看)

Property service enterprises around the country actively carry out the "safety production month" activities

近日,Property service enterprises around the country actively organize and carry out a series of safety production month activities,比如,Guangdong Huaxin Service Group Co., Ltd. organized various projects to carry out safety production training,From the fire fighting precautions, evacuation precautions and other aspects,A comprehensive safety education was conducted for all employees;China Sea Property Management Co., Ltd. has formulated 184 special programs and 286 special cleanup plans for flammable substances in each project,For fire evacuation walkways, pipeline Wells, main equipment room and other areas of 1.60,000 pieces of debris have been cleaned up.Oct Property (Group) Co., Ltd. organizes safety education and training,Conduct training on safe working practices, post safety and emergency skills,Improve employees' safety awareness and emergency self-rescue ability;The property service center of State Grid Zhongxing Beijing Zhongxing Property Management Co., Ltd. issued the signature initiative of "Taking responsibility, co-management and co-security" to customers,Cooperate with the Posting of theme posters, broadcast publicity videos, and issue publicity brochures,Quickly set off a surge of safety production;Shenzhen Qianhai Longguang Intelligent Service Holding Co., Ltd. carried out anti-terrorism and anti-riot emergency drill training,It focuses on the harm, characteristics, common means and countermeasures of violent terrorist activities,Through scenario simulation, order maintenance personnel are guided to effectively and quickly subdue violent terrorists。

East Lake property to carry out theme education joint Party day activities

近日,上海东湖物业管理有限公司邀请多家共建单位一同开展学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育暨“同心同行·同向未来”主题教育联合党日活动。The main route of this activity is the Shanghai Archives (New Hall), Shanghai Testing Center, Shanghai Financial Exchange Square, Shanghai Sun Yat-sen's Former Residence Memorial Hall and other projects provided by Donghu Property,Subject education and Party history education as the main content,Enhance the systematic, holistic and learning effect of thematic education,Further promote the deep integration of party building and business。

Zhengrong service helps smooth operation of Suzhou Rail Transit Line 11

Recently, Suzhou rail transit Line 11 was officially opened。As the property service provider of Line 11, Zhenrong Property Management Service Co., Ltd. provides high-quality security, cleaning, dormitory staff and other services for Chaoyang Road car depot, Huaqiao Parking lot and Zuchongzhi Control Center to help the smooth operation of Line 11。It is reported that Line 11 is a line docking with the Shanghai rail transit network。


The British Standards Institute has published a report on net zero emissions targets for 2023

Today, the British Standards Institute (BSI) has published the Net Zero Barometer Report 2023, which aims to help companies around the world achieve their net zero emissions targets。The report is based on interviews with senior executives and consumers at UK smes, providing an in-depth look at companies' progress towards meeting their carbon reduction targets。The report summarizes the current situation of smes in the UK in achieving net zero emissions: First, the number of enterprises setting net zero emissions targets has increased significantly,But fewer companies achieve their goals;Second, how to reduce the carbon emissions of the enterprise value chain (including suppliers and sellers) has become the biggest challenge;Third, enterprises lack a common standard of net zero emissions;Fourth, cost issues affect enterprises to achieve net zero emission goals;Fifth, consumers are beginning to pay attention to whether companies are meeting their environmental commitments and net zero targets。

The report makes recommendations to promote net zero emissions targets for smes in the UK: first, it recommends making net zero emissions an integral part of business strategy,Draw on the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) net zero standard,Formulating relevant action strategies;Second, it is suggested that small and medium-sized enterprises jointly establish enterprise supply chain,Achieve enterprise upstream and downstream collaboration,Accelerate progress towards net zero emissions;Third, it is suggested that enterprises should use the standard as the benchmark for organizations to achieve net zero emissions.The fourth is to advise small and medium-sized enterprises that want to receive government funding to make a commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.Fifth, it is recommended that small and medium-sized enterprises develop a roadmap to achieve net zero emissions。

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