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Wang Zhihong: To improve the well-being of the old community to contribute property management professional strength

By Wang Zhihong (President of China Property Management Association)

In order to implementImplement Minister Ni Hong of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's speech spirit and work requirements of "' Continuously promoting the transformation of old residential areas and building a complete community 'to do a good job of' three revolutions'", China Property Management Association for the industry to collect property service enterprises to participate in the transformation of old residential areas and later property management experience and thinking。So far, more than 80 articles have been received。These manuscripts summarize and refine the experience and practice of property service enterprises in participating in and implementing the "three revolutions" in the renovation of old residential areas, as well as the specific practices and experience models that can be replicated and promoted in the property management work after the renovation of old residential areas, which is of great value。

Recent time,I have also investigated some old residential projects in Harbin, Xining, Chengdu, Changsha and other places,Have a lot to gain,Deeply understand the party and the government to carry out this work of great significance,I deeply felt the eagerness of the people in the old community,It is also moved by enterprises that stick to the old residential projects and do solid services。Borrow the preface of this issue, I talk about a little property service enterprises to participate in the renovation and management of old residential areas, for everyone to exchange and learn。

Actively participate in the renovation and management of old residential areas

The reconstruction of old residential area is a complex systematic project, involving government departments, street communities, project design units, construction units, property service enterprises, industry committees and owners。Among them, the property service enterprise is the property service provider of the old residential area, and it provides property service for the owners before and after the renovation of the residential area, so it can play an important role in the renovation of the old residential area。Based on the experience of various places, the focus is to do the following work:

First, actively put forward professional suggestions to help optimize and improve the transformation plan。

The reconstruction scheme directly determines the quality of the renovation of the residential area。Property service enterprises have served the community for a long time, have a very good understanding of the situation inside the community, especially based on their own professional knowledge, have a certain say in which places should be transformed, and can also play their own advantages of familiar with the owner and smooth communication, and then help improve and optimize the transformation plan。

The second is to assist in the supervision of construction quality, and actively put forward reasonable suggestions。

The renovation of old residential areas is a people's livelihood project, and the construction quality must be excellent。In this process, property service enterprises can assist in supervising the construction quality, and put forward reasonable solutions to various problems encountered in the construction process from the perspective of convenient later use management to ensure the transformation effect。For example, Hubei Yingcheng Heli Property actively put forward suggestions in the process of participating in the old reform, and set 149 car charging piles and 6 aging facilities in the community, so as to fully complement and enhance the shortcomings of the insufficient supporting facilities in the community。

The third is to strengthen communication with the construction unit to ensure the normal life of the owner。

During the renovation of the old community, the normal traffic and parking of the community will inevitably be affected, and the dust, noise and lane occupation generated during the construction will also bring inconvenience to the normal life of the owners, and even the normal supply of water and electricity in individual communities will also be affected。In this case, on the one hand, property service enterprises should do a good job of publicity and guide owners to understand the construction unit;On the other hand, it is also necessary to actively communicate with the construction unit to guide it to minimize the impact of construction on the owner。Not only that, property service enterprises should also, according to the policy, require the construction unit shall not occupy the existing fire channel and emergency rescue channel of the community during the construction period, ensure the safe operation of the community during the construction period, and repair the damaged roads, green Spaces and other infrastructure in time after the construction。

The fourth is the completion of the acceptance link, do a good job of property inspection。

The completion acceptance of the renovation of the old residential area is a technical work with high difficulty, strong professionalism and great influence on the future management。目前,Some places have given clear regulations on the participation of property service enterprises in the completion and acceptance of old residential areas,Such as March 2022,The "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Organization and Management of the Reconstruction project of Old residential Areas" issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction and other five departments clearly stipulates,"Sub-district offices (township governments) should take the lead in organizing community neighborhood committees, owners' committees, property service enterprises, owners' representatives and participating units.,Acceptance of the transformation effect。"After the completion experience of the renovation project is qualified, the construction unit shall do a good job in conjunction with the property service enterprise to undertake property inspection, and hand over the relevant information to the property service enterprise.。”

Establish a long-term management mechanism for old residential areas

For a long time, the management of old residential areas has been a difficult point of pain。To build a long-term mechanism for the management of old residential areas, all localities are actively exploring and trying, and the following work experiences are worth learning from:  

The first is to build the self-hematopoietic mode of old community management。

The management of old residential areas is difficult, the standard of property service fee is low, and the rate of collection is low。Therefore, for the renovation of the old residential areas, we should seize the opportunity to increase the publicity of property management policies and regulations, and cultivate and enhance the awareness of property service consumption of the majority of owners。At the same time, property service enterprises should also enhance the old community's own hematopoietic function, and actively provide value-added services to make up for the lack of property service income。For example, Sichuan Jinghua Property in Zolinyuan community linkage professional company to elderly care service centers, community canteens, neighborhood centers, nursery institutions and other comprehensive service facilities to carry out small profit operations, of which 70% of the profits back to the community management, to achieve long-term hematopoietic and management win-win。

The second is to establish a government underpinning operation mechanism and a management subsidy mechanism for the old community。

At present, low-income people in the old community are gathered, and their consumption power is weak. If the property management of the transformed community is completely handed over to market-oriented property service enterprises, some property service enterprises may withdraw because they cannot make ends meet or are unprofitable。Therefore, the property management of the old residential areas after the transformation should establish a mechanism for the government to support the operation, such as the introduction of targeted subsidy policies, or guide the state-owned property service enterprises to support the management。例如,Hangzhou issued the "Hangzhou Old Ordinary Residential Community Property Service Subsidy Fund Management Measures",Subsidize the costs invested by property service enterprises to improve the living environment and service quality of the community,Or make appropriate awards and supplements according to the assessment of service quality;Wuxi is managed through state-owned property service enterprises,Gradually formed the red property characteristic brand of the old residential area。

The third is to promote the establishment of emergency maintenance funds system for old residential areas。

With the growth of the service life of the house, the house leakage, the outer wall falling off, the renovation of facilities, and the maintenance of equipment need to cost, but many old communities have no maintenance funds or funds are far from enough for the renovation and maintenance of the house because of the age。Therefore, it is necessary to promote the establishment of emergency maintenance fund system for old residential areas。In terms of cost sources, we can consider adopting some ideas of government subsidies, owners raising some, social raising some and community public benefits to supplement some, so as to ensure that urgent matters in the future community can be quickly solved, and also lay an economic foundation for the renovation, management and normal operation of the old community in the later period。For example, in the Xianglu International project in Changsha City that I recently investigated, the funds for its old renovation came from three parts: government funds, maintenance funds and public revenue。

The fourth is to help solve the urgent problems of the residents。

Just imagine, if you only improve the hardware facilities of the old community, and the service can not be improved, the residents of the community are still not satisfied。Therefore, the management of the old community after the renovation, not only to do a good job of facilities and equipment maintenance, cleaning, greening and other services, but also to focus on the urgent problems of the owners of the community, to help coordinate the solution。例如,Wuhan real estate for the old community elderly population is relatively large status quo,Actively integrate multiple resources of Wuhan Financial Street Group,The community health care, canteen food delivery, charging pile, direct drinking water dispenser and other convenient facilities and services into the community,We will improve the system of community home-based care for the elderly,Solved the owner problem,Increased owner satisfaction。

There is no small matter in the people's livelihood, and the branches and leaves are always related to the situation。习近平总书记强调,老旧小区改造直接关系人民群众的获得感、幸福感、安全感,是提升人民生活品质的重要工作。物业管理行业要认真学习、深刻领会习近平总书记的这一重要指示精神,从Actively participate in the renovation and management of old residential areas,到参与构建长效管理机制,勇于探索实践,不断总结好的经验模式,为增进老旧小区民生福祉,贡献物业管理专业力量。(This article is the preface of the 6th issue of China Property Management magazine 2023)

——来源China Property Management Association

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