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2023 China Expo: Link the whole industry resources to improve the quality of property service

2023 China International Property Management Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as 2023 China Expo) will be held in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from October 12 to 14。This is the fifth time that the China Property Management Association has hosted the China Expo。According to reports, this year's China Expo will gather more high-quality industrial resources, is committed to opening up the whole industrial chain, promote in-depth cooperation between all parties, and provide a strong boost to promote the quality and efficiency of property services and the full and balanced development of the industry。Many people in the industry have said that the 2023 China Expo has been looking forward to for a long time, and hope to perceive the new concept and new dynamics of the development of the industry at the China Expo, understand the new technology and new products of the industry, and explore new market demand and new business opportunities。

The picture shows the site of 2019 China International Property Management Industry Expo

It is understood,As an important event in China's property management industry,China Expo showcases the most representative new technologies, new products and new services in the whole industrial chain,At the same time, professional forums, consultation meetings, conferences and other special activities will be held,It has become a landmark platform for promoting industry information exchange, sharing development results and expanding business cooperation。

China Expo 2023 plans to invite more than 200 well-known domestic and foreign brand property facilities and equipment manufacturers, technical service providers, smart city and smart community related technology enterprises and service providers, community value-added services, space services and urban services related service providers to participate in the exhibition。Up to now, a number of benchmarking enterprises in the industry such as Star Parker, strong luming, Hagao Cleaning, a monument technology, New Window, Tongchuan Technology, Hao Jing Lighting, Jiahezhong, Angge cleaning, Paler environmental protection, Zhilu Technology, Red Gate, Gree Bo have initially determined to participate in the exhibition

The picture shows the scene of the 5th China Property Management Innovation and Development Forum

In addition, the sixth China Property Management Innovation and Development Forum and nearly 20 parallel forums will be held during the 2023 China Expo。The forum invited well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, leaders of property service enterprises and industrial ecological chain enterprises, professional media and representatives of institutions to offer suggestions and suggestions for improving the quality of property service on several topics such as rule of law construction, community service, super high-rise building management, housing safety technical appraisal, talent training, maintenance fund management, and smart property construction in the property management industry。

A number of industry insiders said that China Expo brings together the quality resources of the whole industry chain of property management, so that practitioners of different enterprises in different regions can realize face-to-face communication and learning, which helps to solve the problem of unbalanced development between regions, enterprises and practitioners in the property management industry。In fact, from the previous China Expo results, a large number of head enterprises through sharing product services and innovation experience, and small and medium-sized property service enterprises to achieve business cooperation to achieve a "win-win".。The practitioners have gained new ideas, new ideas and new knowledge from various forums, and their business level and professional ability have been significantly improved。

It is worth noting that the 2023 China Expo will set up a special "Red Property" exhibition and "the most beautiful property people" property management industry photography and micro-video exhibition to show the great contribution made by the property management industry to actively assume social responsibility in a graphic way。

According to reports, the Red property exhibition will focus on showing the typical cases that the property management industry sticks to the leadership of party building and actively integrates into the grass-roots governance, publicize typical characters and touching stories, and elaborate the specific practices and experience models that can be replicated and promoted by property service enterprises in practice。The photography and micro-video exhibition of property management industry will focus on showing the effectiveness of the industry in participating in garbage classification, renovation and management of old residential areas, creating a beautiful home, taking social responsibility and other fields, as well as the beautiful moments and touching stories of serving owners with heart and feeling。

Industry insiders said that the 2023 China Expo will help all sectors of society to fully and deeply understand the important role of the development of the property management industry in promoting economic and social development。At the same time, it will greatly enhance the sense of pride and honor of property management practitioners。With the improvement of professional social recognition, more talents will be attracted to enter the property management industry and make greater contributions to meet the people's yearning for a better life。(Li Junjie)

——来源China Property Management Association

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