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The Barrier-free Environment Construction Law will implement legal escort from September 1 to improve the quality and guarantee level of barrier-free environment construction

In recent years, all sectors of society have actively promoted the construction of a barrier-free environment, caring for the elderly, the disabled and other groups, and improving their quality of life。On June 28, at the third meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress, the Law on the construction of a barrier-free environment was formally passed and will be implemented on September 1, 2023, which provides a strong legal guarantee for the construction of a barrier-free environment in China

Special legislation

Clarify the orientation, principles and management system for building a barrier-free environment

"Previously, the rules and systems for the construction of a barrier-free environment were scattered in various laws and regulations, such as the Law on the Protection of persons with disabilities, the Law on the Protection of the rights and interests of the elderly, etc., and The State Council also formulated regulations on the construction of a barrier-free environment。Ye Jingyi, a professor at Peking University Law School, said that relevant laws and regulations have played an important role in promoting the construction of a barrier-free environment, but all walks of life still look forward to a special law to enhance the systematic, authoritative and targeted legal system。

"The Barrier-free Environment Construction Law clarifies the positioning, principles and management system of barrier-free environment construction。The provisions are clear, complete, scientific and comprehensive。"The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Legal Work Committee social law Office director Shi Hong said。

The legislative purpose of this law is clear: "To ensure the equal, full and convenient participation and integration of the disabled and the elderly in social life, and to promote the sharing of the fruits of economic and social development by all members of society.。”

"The barrier-free Environment Construction Law clearly guarantees that the focus is on the disabled and the elderly, and closely follows the needs and expectations of the disabled and the elderly in terms of system design, standard establishment, and construction requirements, and effectively responds to practical needs.。Liao Juan, associate professor at the School of Management of Capital Normal University, said。At the same time, the law stipulates in the scope of application that people other than the disabled and the elderly who have barrier-free needs can enjoy the convenience of a barrier-free environment。This expands the scope of social services and fully takes into account the barrier-free needs of all members of society。

The law stipulates that the construction of a barrier-free environment should be combined with the retrofit for aging, following the principles of safety, convenience, practicality and wide benefit。In this regard, Shao Lei, dean of the Institute for Barrier-free Development of Tsinghua University, said that the combination of barrier-free environment construction and age-appropriate transformation in the form of legal principles is conducive to maximizing the inclusion of barrier-free environment。

"A section of blind road is close to the tree and narrow on both sides, affecting the safe travel of the blind.。In June, prosecutors of a public interest litigation department of a procuratorate in Jiangsu Province received such a clue。

The first time came to the scene to collect evidence, make and issue procuratorial suggestions, and supervise the relevant departments to effectively deal with...Soon, the blind path was restored and the accessibility was maintained。

"For acts that violate the provisions of this Law and harm the public interest, the people's Procuratorate may put forward procuratorial suggestions or initiate public interest lawsuits" is one of the supervision systems for barrier-free environment construction established by the barrier-free Environment Construction Law。

Regulations on the construction, renovation, maintenance and management of barrier-free facilities shall be stipulated,Expand the scope of barrier-free social services,We will improve the mechanism for ensuring a barrier-free environment,Improve the supervision system for building a barrier-free environment......The barrier-free Environment Construction Law has made systematic and comprehensive provisions,Write a vivid legal footnote for the construction of a barrier-free environment。


Open door legislation:

In-depth understanding of the accessibility needs of the whole society

In the process of legislation of the Barrier-free Environment construction law, open-door legislation and democratic legislation have been implemented。Through grassroots legislation, many people's feelings, opinions and wisdom from the grassroots are reflected in the law。

Huang Xueli, a resident of Shijingpo Street in Shapingba District, Chongqing, has been paying great attention to the construction of barrier-free environment。On that day, she received a notice from the Shapingba grassroots legislative contact point of the Legal Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to consult on the draft law on barrier-free environment construction。

"The State encourages construction units to accept new, rebuilt or expanded construction projects upon completion...Representatives of organizations such as disabled persons' federations and organizations of the elderly established by law, as well as members of society with barrier-free needs, will be invited,Experiential trial of accessibility..."Peruse the draft text,This clause made Huang's heart tremble。

"Once, I saw an old man struggling a little to get down the stairs to the subway。I asked him why he didn't take the barrier-free elevator at the subway station?He shook his head blankly: Where is the barrier-free elevator?I looked for it myself and found that the location of the barrier-free elevator in this subway station was relatively 'hidden', and it had to cross the road to reach it。"Huang said。

"Barrier-free facilities must not only exist, but also be reasonably designed and easy to use。If the construction of barrier-free facilities is not reasonable, it will be difficult to renovate them after completion。Huang Xueli proposed that in order to make barrier-free facilities really convenient for special groups of people, it is necessary to let relevant groups give opinions in the planning and design stage。This suggestion was later adopted。

According to reports, in the legislative process, through a number of grassroots legislative contact points such as Chongqing Shapingba and Tianjin Xiaobalou, many people's voices were passed to the legislature and turned into real legal provisions。Many deputies to the National People's Congress have also put forward relevant suggestions, which the legislature has carefully studied and absorbed。

Wang Yongcheng, a deputy to the National People's Congress, found that more and more school-age students with visual disabilities have begun to receive integrated education。However, many students reflect that due to the lack of specialized textbooks, students with visual disabilities use the same textbooks as ordinary students, "the size, background color and picture of ordinary textbooks are easy to cause visual fatigue, affecting the residual vision of children."。

"Strengthen the publication and supply of large-character textbooks to meet the needs of students with low vision.。This suggestion was brought to the National Two sessions by representative Wang Yongcheng。

"According to the opinions of representative Wang Yongcheng and relevant parties, today, the law stipulates that the state encourages the compilation and publication of teaching materials and publications in Braille and low-vision versions according to the actual conditions of different education stages to meet the learning needs of blind and other visually impaired students.。"Said Zang Tiewei, spokesman for the Legal Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress。


Scientific legislation:

We will work to solve problems in building a barrier-free environment

"The legislative process always adheres to a clear problem-orientation, focuses on the urgent problems of the people, and constantly improves the ideas, ideas and measures to solve the problems.。"Shi Hong said。

Li Li, a member of the National People's Congress and an employee of Daye Nonferrous Metals Group Holding Co., LTD., has been concerned about the problem of installing elevators in old residential areas。The experience of climbing to the top floor without an elevator many times on crutches to visit the "hanging old man" made her feel the urgency of solving the problem。At the previous National Two Sessions, Representative Li Li put forward specific suggestions on installing elevators in old residential areas。

In response to the problem of installing elevators and other barrier-free facilities in the old community, which is widely concerned by the society, the barrier-free environment construction Law has given a response: "The state supports the installation of elevators or other barrier-free facilities in the existing multi-storey residential areas in the old towns and cities to provide convenience for the disabled and the elderly.。"House owners should promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, such as kindness and mutual help with neighbors, strengthen communication and consultation, and cooperate with existing multi-story homes to install elevators or other barrier-free facilities in accordance with the law.。”

The construction of blind roads greatly facilitates the travel of blind people, but the blind roads are occupied and damaged from time to time。The reporter has walked through a section of blind road, found not long blind road, "overlapping peaks" : first a small tree on the left side "oblique", the branches blocked the path forward;Did not go far forward, pieces of floor tiles and "disappeared"...

"The blind path is well built, but it is not well maintained, and it may be dangerous for the blind to walk through it.。"A passing citizen exclaimed。

"In some places, barrier-free facilities are 'heavy on construction and light on maintenance' and 'heavy on construction and light on management', with inadequate safeguards and insufficient supervision and management.。Shi Hong introduced that in response to these problems, the law further clarified the maintenance and management responsibilities of the owner and manager, and set up two special chapters of "safeguard measures" and "supervision and management"。

"The construction of a barrier-free environment involves all aspects of society, and requires the common attention, participation and joint efforts of the whole society.。Shi Hong said that it is necessary to do a good job in the formulation and modification of supporting laws, regulations, policies and standards, and promote the improvement of the quality and guarantee level of barrier-free environment construction。

——来源China Property Management Association

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