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Seeking Truth magazine published a signed article by Minister Ni Hong: Creating a New Situation of high-quality urban development

Ni Hong, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, published a signed article in the October 16 issue of Qiushi Magazine.Create a new situation of high-quality urban developmentThe following is the full text:

Create a new situation of high-quality urban development

Cities are important carriers for promoting high-quality development, creating a high-quality life and comprehensively building a modern socialist country。习近平总书记在党的二十大报告中强调,"To build a coordinated development pattern of large and small cities based on city clusters and metropolitan areas,Promote urbanization construction with county towns as an important carrier.","We will continue to build people's cities for the people and people's cities for the people,We will improve urban planning, development and governance,We will accelerate the transformation of the development model of megacities,Implementation of urban renewal action,We will strengthen urban infrastructure,Build a livable, resilient and smart city"。新征程上,正规电子游戏平台官网要深入学习领会习近平总书记关于城市工作的重要论述,全面贯彻落实党的二十大精神,坚定不移走好中国特色城市发展道路,在中国式现代化进程中推动城市高质量发展,为强国建设、民族复兴伟业贡献力量。


Since the 18th National Congress of the Party,习近平总书记站在统筹中华民族伟大复兴战略全局和世界百年未有之大变局的高度,Scientific grasp of the general trend of urban development,Deep insight into the law of urban development,Make a series of important remarks on urban work,It deeply reveals the law of the development of socialist cities with Chinese characteristics,The values and methodology of urban development have been clarified,Science has answered the fundamental question of whom to rely on and for whom to build and develop cities,And what kind of city to build, how to build the major proposition,It has pointed out the direction for us to do a good job in the new era of urban work and provided fundamental guidelines。习近平总书记关于城市工作的重要论述,Rich connotation, complete system, extensive and profound,It involves various fields of urban economy, politics, culture, society and ecological civilization construction,Including urban planning, construction, governance of each link,Covering regional, urban, community and architectural levels,It is a combination of worldview and methodology,It is a combination of theoretical guidance and practical requirements。

In terms of leadership, it is emphasized to strengthen and improve the Party's leadership over urban work。习近平总书记指出,Cities are the centers of our economic, political, cultural and social activities,It plays an important role in the overall work of the Party and the state.Do urban work well,We must strengthen and improve the Party's leadership;We will speed up the training of cadres who understand cities and can manage them,With scientific attitude, advanced ideas, professional knowledge to plan, build, manage the city。These important discussions clarified the important status and role of urban work, and made clear the primary premise and fundamental guarantee of doing urban work well。

In terms of value orientation, it emphasizes the adherence to the people's city built by the people and the people's city for the people。习近平总书记指出,The core of a city is people;Insist that the house is for living in, not for speculation position;Whether it is urban planning or urban construction,Whether it is the construction of new urban areas or the reconstruction of old urban areas,We must always put the people first,Focus on the needs of the people;We will better promote people-centered urbanization,Making cities healthier, safer and more livable,It will become a space for the people to live a high-quality life。These important discussions have clarified the fundamental purpose of urban development and made clear the starting point and destination of urban work。

On the target path, it emphasizes taking the road of urban development with Chinese characteristics。习近平总书记指出,We should build modern cities that are harmonious, livable, vibrant and distinctive,We will raise the level of new urbanization,Explore a path of urban development with Chinese characteristics;Building livable, resilient and smart cities;We will explore ways to develop megacities with Chinese characteristics, reflect the characteristics of The Times, and highlight the advantages of China's socialist system。These important discussions have clarified the basic connotation of the development path of cities with Chinese characteristics and clarified the goals and tasks of modern city construction。

Green is the bright background color of high-quality development。In recent years, Jiujiang City of Jiangxi Province has adhered to the principle of "returning the river to the people, benefiting the people, giving priority to ecology and casting the soul of culture", and actively promoted the construction of urban riverside green space。Photo shows the Jiujiangcheng section of the Yangtze River National Cultural Park on July 8, 2023。Photo by Shi Xiaolong

In the way of thinking, emphasize "one respect, five overall planning"。习近平总书记指出,We should respect the law of urban development;Coordinate the structure of space, scale and industry,Improve the overall nature of urban work;Overall planning, construction and management of the three major links,Improving the systematization of urban work;We will coordinate the three driving forces of reform, science and technology, and culture,Improving sustainability of urban development;We will coordinate the three major areas of production, living and ecology,Improving the livability of urban development;Coordinate the three main bodies of government, society and citizens,We will increase the enthusiasm of all parties in promoting urban development。These important discussions have clarified the general characteristics of urban work as a systematic engineering, and made clear the basic ideas and scientific methods of doing urban work well。

In terms of pattern, it emphasizes the coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and small towns。习近平总书记指出,To construct a scientific and reasonable urban pattern;nationally,Large, medium and small cities, small towns, and city clusters should be scientifically distributed,Closely linked with regional economic development and industrial layout,Adapt to the carrying capacity of resources and environment;Promote the diversification of urban spatial layout according to local conditions;We will promote the development of urban clusters,The formation of multi-center, multi-level, multi-node network urban agglomeration structure;Select a number of counties with good conditions to focus on development。These important discussions clarified the direction and principle of urban system construction, and clarified the form and structural requirements of urban spatial layout。

In the bottom line requirements, the emphasis on ecology and security in a more prominent position。习近平总书记指出,Urban work should take the creation of good living environment as the central goal;Let the city blend into nature,Let the residents see the mountains, see the water, remember homesickness;People's life safety and health should be taken as the basic goal of urban development;Whether planning, construction or management,Put safety first,Keep the safety gate and quality gate,And the implementation of safety work in all aspects of urban work and urban development。These important statements illustrate the critical importance of ecology and safety and define the central and fundamental objectives of urban work。

On the basis of culture, it emphasizes the overall protection, utilization and inheritance of historical culture。习近平总书记指出,A city is the carrier of a nation's cultural and emotional memory,History and culture are the key to city charm.We should be responsible for history and the people,Inherit the historical context,We will properly balance urban redevelopment and development with the protection and utilization of historical and cultural heritage,Develop and protect through protection;We should properly balance tradition and modernity, inheritance and development,Let our urban architecture better reflect the regional characteristics, national characteristics and times。These important discussions have clarified the outstanding characteristics of the city with the combination of historical accumulation and the spirit of The Times, and identified the important ways to improve the connotation, quality and characteristics of the city。

In terms of governance model, emphasis is placed on promoting the modernization of urban governance system and governance capacity。习近平总书记指出,Urban governance is an important part of promoting the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity.It is necessary to be good at using modern scientific and technological means to achieve intelligence,And through the embroidered-like care, patience, clever heart to improve the level of refinement;Make the visible hand of the government, the invisible hand of the market and the industrious hand of the people work in the same direction;Truly realize urban co-governance, co-management, joint contribution and shared benefits。These important discussions clarify the important significance of urban governance for urban modernization, and clarify the concept and means to improve the level of science, intelligence and refinement。

We will carry out urban work in the new era,必须深刻理解把握习近平总书记关于城市工作重要论述的重大意义、科学内涵和实践要求,Deeply understand the world outlook and methodology contained in it, such as people first, confidence and self-reliance, integrity and innovation, problem orientation, systematic concept, and mind of the world,It can be used to arm the mind, guide practice and promote work。

2. China has made historic achievements in urban development in the new era

Since the 18th National Congress of the Party,以习近平同志为核心的党中央先后召开中央城镇化工作会议、中央城市工作会议,明确了城市工作指导思想和基本思路,部署实施了城市领域一系列重大战略和重大工作。在习近平总书记关于城市工作重要论述的科学引领下,我国城市发展成就举世瞩目,成为党和国家事业取得历史性成就、发生历史性变革的精彩缩影。

A new type of people-centered urbanization has been deepened。We will thoroughly implement the new urbanization strategy and strive to improve the quality of urbanization development。By the end of 2022, China's urbanization rate of permanent residents will reach 65.22%, the number of cities reached 691, urban built-up area reached 6.40,000 square kilometers。We accelerated the process of granting citizenship to rural migrant workers, and made basic public services more equal。The "two horizontal and three vertical" urbanization strategy has taken shape, with 19 urban clusters accounting for more than 70 percent of China's population and contributing more than 80 percent of the country's GDP。

Housing conditions for urban residents have improved significantly。We should adhere to the position that houses are for living in, not speculation, improve the housing market and the housing security system, effectively play the role of the housing provident fund, and ensure that people have adequate housing。According to the data of the seventh national census, the per capita housing floor area of urban and town households reached 36.52 square meters, 42.29 square meters, an increase of 7 percent over the sixth national census.4 square meters, 10.3 square meters。China has built the world's largest housing security system, and built more than 63 million units of government-subsidized housing and resettlement housing of various types.More than 500 million people are happy to realize their dreams of living in peace, and basic subsistence allowances and low-income families with housing difficulties have been fully covered。

Urban living environment is more beautiful。贯彻落实习近平生态文明思想,努力把城市建设成为人与人、人与自然和谐共处的美丽家园。A total of 21 old urban residential areas have been renovated.70,000, benefiting more than 37 million households and nearly 100 million residents。By 2022, 86 cities at prefecture level and above will have good air quality on days.5%;The elimination rate of black and smelly water bodies in county-level cities exceeded 40%, the treatment of black and smelly water bodies in cities at prefecture level and above continued to consolidate, and the average coverage rate of garbage classification in residential communities reached 82 percent.5%;The green area and green land rate of urban built-up areas exceeded 2.5 million hectares and 39%, respectively, and the per capita green area of parks reached 15%.29 square meters。

To protect traditional streets, ancient buildings and cultural relics is to preserve the history and context of the city。The picture shows the historical and cultural block of Sanfang and seven alleys in Fuzhou, Fujian province。Photo by Lin Shuangwei, Fuzhou Daily

The overall carrying capacity of the city has been steadily improved。Focusing on improving the quality of life of residents and the efficiency of urban operation, we will vigorously promote the systematic construction of urban infrastructure and continue to enhance the capacity of supply and service。By the end of 2022, the length of urban roads in China exceeded 55.20,000 kilometers, the total length of urban rail transit completed and under construction reached 1.440,000 kilometers, water supply penetration rate, gas penetration rate, sewage treatment rate reached 99.39%、98.05%、98.The total length of the country's water supply and drainage pipelines reached 2.02 million kilometers, and the construction of 6,655 kilometers of comprehensive pipeline corridors began。

The urban governance system has been continuously improved。We will continue to manage cities for the people, strengthen urban management and services, and make urban life more convenient, more comfortable, and better for the people。We will deepen reform of the urban management system,The organizational structure of urban management at the ministry, province, city and county levels has basically taken shape,The construction of an urban operation management service platform was accelerated,The use of the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new generation information technology means in urban governance has continued to strengthen,Urban management law enforcement has been standardized and law-based。

The protection and inheritance of urban history and culture have been comprehensively strengthened。We have strived to protect urban historical and cultural heritage as if we cherished our own lives, accelerated the establishment of a system for protecting and inheriting urban and rural historical and cultural heritage, and effectively protected a large number of historical and cultural resources。At present, there are 142 national historical and cultural cities, 312 Chinese historical and cultural towns, 487 Chinese historical and cultural villages, more than 1,200 historical and cultural blocks have been designated, and 6 historical buildings have been identified.With 350,000 sites, it has become the most comprehensive, complete and systematic carrier for inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture。

Third, strive to write a new chapter of high-quality urban development

On the new journey, the strategic position and role of cities are more prominent。At present, China's urban development has entered an important period of urban renewal, from large-scale incremental construction to stock quality improvement and incremental structural adjustment, from "no" to "good", but also faced with many contradictions and challenges。We must adhere to the people first, establish a solid system concept, respect scientific laws, and constantly promote high-quality urban development to achieve new progress and new results。

Living in peace is the basis of people's happiness。In recent years, Wuhu City of Anhui Province has taken the transformation of old urban residential areas as an important measure to improve people's livelihood, make up for shortcomings, and expand domestic demand, and comprehensively promoted the transformation of supporting facilities in old urban residential areas, so that residents' living environment has been transformed。The picture shows the renovated Fanyang residential area in Fanchang District, Wuhu city, August 19, 2023。People's Picture by Lu Junyuan

Strengthen the basis for people to live in peace。Living in peace is the basis of people's happiness。To do a good job in urban work in the new era, we must strive to ensure that the people can live in better housing, from good houses to good neighborhoods, from good neighborhoods to good neighborhoods, and from good neighborhoods to good urban areas, and create higher quality living space for the people。We will deepen the structural reform of the housing supply side, design, build and manage houses well in accordance with the building policy of "applicable, economic, green and beautiful", improve the functions of housing, improve the quality of living, study the establishment of housing physical examination, pension and insurance systems, and improve the long-term mechanism for the safety management of housing throughout its life cycle。We will increase the construction and supply of government-subsidized housing, and actively promote the renovation of urban villages and the construction of dual-use public infrastructure。We will do a good job in the "corridor revolution", "environmental revolution" and "management revolution", steadily promote the renovation of old residential areas, and effectively improve residents' living conditions。Focusing on the people, the convenience of the people, the peace of the people, with the focus on the construction of "one old and one small" facilities that the people are concerned about, promote the construction of a complete community, so that the community can become the most assured and comfortable harbor for the happy life of residents。

We will strengthen guidance in urban design。The new situation requires the city to take the road of intensive, conformal and high-quality development。Some planning ideas and means formed in the period of urban expansion are no longer suitable for the situation and task of urban renewal。Urban design is an effective means to implement the requirements of urban development strategy, guide architectural design and shape urban features。To promote high-quality urban development, we must make efforts in design。It is necessary to improve the urban design management system, clarify the design requirements for buildings, neighborhoods, communities, blocks, and cities at different scales, and standardize and guide the implementation of urban renewal projects。At the same time, on the premise of ensuring safety, we will explore and optimize the approval management procedures and technical measures for construction projects applicable to the renovation and renovation of stocks, and establish and improve the life-cycle management system for the design, construction, acceptance, operation and maintenance of construction projects。

We will steadily advance urban renewal。Urban renewal is an inevitable stage of urbanization development, and the key to promote urban renewal is to identify and solve problems effectively。It is necessary to adhere to the city physical examination first, on the one hand, from the problem-oriented, delimit the city physical examination unit, and find the urgent problems around the masses;On the other hand, starting from the goal orientation, we find the weaknesses that affect the competitiveness, bearing capacity and sustainable development of the city。The problem of urban physical examination is the focus of urban renewal。It is necessary to formulate special urban renewal plans and annual implementation plans according to the results of urban physical examination, adhere to government guidance, market operation, and public participation, steadily implement urban renewal actions, and systematically promote the management of "urban diseases"。At the same time, we will speed up reform and innovation, improve financial, fiscal, taxation, land and other supporting policies, and establish urban renewal systems and mechanisms that meet the requirements of high-quality development。

Promoting green and low-carbon development。Cities are important fronts for building a beautiful China, and the concept of green and low-carbon development should run through all aspects and the whole process of urban development。Efforts should be made to improve blue and green space, continue to promote the security of urban water supply, sponge city construction, urban waterlogging control and other work, improve the level of urban landscaping, promote the opening and sharing of parks and green Spaces, and better meet the new needs and expectations of the public for leisure and recreation and close to nature。Promote green building materials, green construction, and green buildings in an integrated manner, and comprehensively promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in the construction sector。We will speed up the improvement of domestic sewage collection and treatment facilities, and vigorously improve black and odorous water bodies in county-level cities。Persevere in garbage classification, strengthen publicity and mobilization, guide the participation of the whole people, improve the long-term mechanism, and promote garbage classification to become a new fashion for low-carbon life。

We will continue to empower culture, science and technology。Culture and technology are the inexhaustible driving forces of urban development。It is necessary to continue to protect and revitalize historic districts and buildings, change the "demolition, renovation and demolition" into "retention, renovation and demolition", do not arbitrarily change old place names, do not destroy the traditional pattern of the old city and the fabric of streets, so that people can remember history and remember nostalgia, and let history and culture and modern life integrate and complement each other。Put scientific and technological innovation in a more prominent position in urban work,Continue to consolidate and improve the world's leading technology,Focus on breaking through the "stuck neck" technology,We will vigorously promote the application of practical technologies that benefit the people,We will vigorously promote the construction of new urban infrastructure based on digitalization, networking and intelligence,The fifth generation of mobile communication technology (5G), the Internet of Things and other modern information technology into the home, into the building, into the community,Building digital families, smart communities and smart cities,Make cities smarter and smarter。

Strengthen the bottom line of quality and safety。Security is the premise of development, and development is the guarantee of security。The quality of construction is related to the safety of people's lives and property, and the future and inheritance of the city。It is necessary to take comprehensive measures from the aspects of implementing the responsibilities of all parties, promoting scientific and technological progress, cultivating industrial workers, using market mechanisms, strengthening regulatory forces, and punishing in accordance with laws and regulations, and make great efforts to improve the engineering quality assurance system。Accelerate the construction of urban lifeline safety projects, and conduct real-time monitoring of urban lifelines such as water supply, drainage, gas, heat, Bridges, and pipe corridors through digital means, so as to detect and control risks early, and improve urban security capabilities。We will continue to do a good job in building construction safety, existing housing safety, gas safety, flood season safety and other work, prevent all kinds of accidents, and create a safe and stable social environment for the people。

Improve urban governance。Whether the city's work is done well, whether the people are satisfied with it, whether life is convenient, and whether the city's management and services are important criteria。It is necessary to promote local urban management departments to assume the responsibilities of the office of the Urban Management Commission, give full play to the overall coordination and supervision and service role of comprehensive law enforcement, promote information sharing and resource sharing among relevant departments of urban management, and form a joint work force。We will innovate urban management methods and means, accelerate the construction of urban transport service platforms, form a platform system of inter-connectivity, data synchronization and business coordination at the ministerial, provincial and municipal levels, promote the operation of "one-network management" in cities, and strive to build a new model of modern urban governance。Continue to strengthen the construction of urban management law enforcement teams, consolidate the results of the "strong foundation, change style, tree image" special action, and comprehensively improve the law enforcement service capabilities and levels of urban management teams。

Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation。Strengthening and deepening international exchanges and cooperation in the field of cities is an important measure to promote the sustainable development of China's cities and contribute China's strength to the cause of global habitat。It is necessary to deepen cooperation with UN-Habitat in an all-round way, give full play to the platform role of World Cities Day, support the selection of the first Global Sustainable Development City Award (Shanghai Award), and promote the better implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and global development initiatives by global cities。We will expand international partnerships in an all-round way, carry out extensive multilateral and bilateral cooperation in urban areas, establish a China-Asean construction ministers' exchange mechanism, steadily advance China-Russia cooperation in construction and urban development, and summarize and promote the experience of China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City and other key international cooperation。Further strengthen in-depth cooperation with countries jointly building the "Belt and Road", and promote the "going out" of enterprises and engineering construction standards in the construction field.。

——来源China Property Management Association

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